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The Worship Media Handbook Reviews

By April 29th, 2022News

The Worship Media Handbook was officially launched on January 22nd, 2014 and there is already a list of quality reviews from industry leaders. Thank you to all the the authors who took the time to write reviews about my ebook.

TC Johnson – The Worship Media Handbook Review

“I just finished reading through The Worship Media Handbook and the first two words I have to say are, “Ohh” and “Wow.” Jeff McIntosh has done the most incredible job of covering every conceivable angle when it comes to putting together an effective and attractive worship projection presentation. Throughout the guide, Jeff continually references how each topic is to be considered for not only music worship but the spoken message as well. From lyric projection to scripture display, he hits all of the marks.”

Jenni Wright – eBook Review: The Worship Media Handbook

“This resource is a practical compilation of no-frills tips and tricks. It assumes a very basic understanding of design and church jargon with terms like gutters, IMAG, etc., but not enough to be over the head of a new reader. Anyone from any background can benefit from the quick read, and the intentional imagery helps illustrate the many lists of dos and don’ts.”

Jared Taylor – Review: The Worship Media Handbook

“I would highly recommend The Worship Media Handbook as a training resource for new volunteers, old volunteers and staff. And, since one purchased copy of the handbook can “be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means” within your one church location, you can even use it as a tool to get conversations going with Pastors and musicians (maybe not drummers – it will depend on the individual).”

Josh White – Book Review: The Worship Media Handbook

“All in all, The Worship Media Handbook is a great resource for anyone who works with projection during their church services. I would highly suggest buying a few copies and handing them out to your team, or planning a training meeting and implement the things you learned. We are actually in the process of creating a team training session where we will go through this book and structure many of these things into our planning.”

Wisdom Moon – The Worship Media Handbook

“As I opened up the ebook and started looking through it, I quickly realized I have never seen a resource like this before! Very exciting! A handbook specifically made for me to help my job of putting together the worship presentation more effectively and easier? Wow! Thank you, Jeff!”

Church Mag – The Worship Media Handbook

“I’ve wanted to see a handbook like this made available for a very long time.”

“The Worship Media Handbook is the guide for anyone who works with live worship projection. Worship leaders and A/V teams alike should invest in this resource and make it required reading.”

“Undoubtedly, after finishing all 101 pages of The Worship Media Handbook ebook, your church’s worship slides will improve.”

The Creative Pastor – The Worship Media Handbook

“This is the best twenty bucks that you can spend on your church’s media ministry. This handbook teachees both the how and why of worship projection in a way that is sure to take your team to the next level. Jeff has created a resource that I’m confident will improve the quality of media in churches across the globe.”

Marketing Matters – Worship Media Resource: The Balance Between No Use and Misuse

“…Jeff McIntosh with Church Motion Graphics has put together an invaluable guide to helping churches utilize media during their worship set.”

“We encourage every pastor to pick up this guide and pass it along to the media team at their local church. It’s a tool you’ll use for years to come.”

Luke McElroy – New Resource for the Church

“I knew that Jeff was going to write a good book, just based on all of his other work, but I never expected it would be as comprehensive and in-depth as it is. That’s what makes me most proud to share it with all of you.”

“This is WAY worth it’s weight in gold… trust me. The material in the handbook is amazing and will help anyone just getting started in church media or those who’ve been doing it for years, make their visual presentation more appealing to everyone in the room.”

Chris From Canada – Worship Media Handbook from Jeff McIntosh

“Worship leaders, projection volunteers, communication directors, even pastors – you will find this resource very helpful as you think about what is projected on the screens at your church during worship and how that helps or hinders our worship of God.”

“Worship Media Handbook covers so much info and I promise it will be useful for your church and your creative ministry.”

Ryan Loche from The Church Collective

“The Worship Media Handbook is a much needed resource for all of our churches.  Jeff breaks down how and, more importantly, why the visual aspect of worship is so important.  You really need to grab this book and get it in to the hands of your media and lighting techs.”

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