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This 104 page PDF ebook is filled with the fundamentals of worship projection and sermon presentation. Freshly updated for 2020, it will quickly train you and your church media team on how to prepare, edit and project worship lyrics and sermon slides with excellence.

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Church Media Bundle Add-on

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Motion & Still Backgrounds

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  • 16 Motion & Still Backgrounds
  • 1080 HD MOV & JPEG Format
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Motion Titles & Countdowns

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  • 6 English Motion & Still Titles
  • 2 Five-minute Countdowns With Music
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Announcement Templates

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  • 10 Editable Multi-layer Photoshop Templates
  • Matching Subtitle, Title, Scripture, And Blank Versions
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Social Graphics

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  • 10 Editable Multi-layer Photoshop Templates
  • Matching Title And Blank Versions
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Additional Add-on Media

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ProPresenter Templates

ProPresenter Mac Templates

  • 37 Worship Templates
  • 14 Sermon Templates
  • 6 IMAG Templates

CMG Sans Slab Bold Font

  • Never Before Released
  • Fully Character Set In Slab Style
  • Matches CMG Sans Typeface

Spot The Mistake Game

  • Challenge yourself and your team to a game of who can spot the worship lyric slide mistake the fastest

What’s Inside The Handbook


Worship Slides


Worship Slides


Worship Slides


Slide Guide

Composing Worship Slides

Choose The Perfect Look

Select fonts and layouts like a pro with industry-standard guidelines

Create With Confidence

Knowing the fundamentals will empower you to create stunning slides

Consistency Is Key

Maintain trust with your community with consistent visuals every week

Editing Worship Slides

Catch Every Mistake

Eliminate distractions by removing every error

Know Your Weaknesses

Stop repeated flaws by revealing what to look for

Go From Good To Great

It’s the fine details that make your slides look polished

Presenting Worship Slides

Using Media To Its Full Potential

Combine various visuals to create stunning displays

Tell Clear Stories With Visuals

Enhance any experience by emphasizing the message

Never Miss A Beat

Timing is everything to minimize distraction

Sermon Slide Guide

Clarify The Message

Learn to highlight what is most important

Increase Viewer Retention

Use clear messages to increase the ability to remember

The Media Is The Message

Use the right visual to communicate information clearly

Jeff and the team at Church Motion Graphics are the undisputed leaders in worship slides and motion backgrounds. In this second version of The Worship Media Handbook, you'll learn best practices, overlooked strategies, and everything in-between needed to construct brilliant accompaniments to your churches live experiences.

Brady ShearerPro Church Tools

It delivers practical information and guidance that you and your team can put into practice immediately. The Worship Media Handbook will be my standard and goto resource for training and properly equipping my team with the knowledge to create church visuals with excellence.

Chad BucklandWorship Leader Hangout

The Church Motion Graphics team has created a guide that is comprehensive, easy-to-read, and instantly applicable for worship ministries. Any church staff member or volunteer can get amazing results with this information even if they have no design experience. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to leverage visuals in worship to enhance your congregation’s experience and increase engagement.

Jake GosselinChurchfront

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Version 2 worth buying if I already have Version 1?

Yes! Version 1 of The Worship Media Handbook was released over six years ago. Since that time, many standards and methods have changed, such as fonts, shadows, tracking, shapes, types of media, and more. Plus, we’ve added an entirely new section focused on sermon slides.

How much does The Worship Media Handbook cost?

The price of The Worship Media Handbook is $29.00 USD. The price of the add-on Media Bundle is regularly priced at $49 USD.

What payment types do you accept?

You can purchase the handbook online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal or Apple Pay. Please make sure you are clear to make purchases from Canadian vendors.

Who is The Worship Media Handbook for?

The handbook is for everyone who is involved in the worship lyric projection process. This includes tech directors, worship leaders, creative arts directors, production directors, pastors and volunteers who either create, edit, project or oversee the worship media process.

Does The Worship Media Handbook come in print?

This is an e-book that comes in PDF format that will become instantly available to you upon purchase. The PDF is print-friendly and looks excellent printed single-sided on 8.5 by 11 paper.

Can I alter or edit the contents of The Worship Media Handbook?

No, every PDF is locked with a randomized master password that prevents editing/extracting its contents or editing its settings.

Is The Worship Media Handbook software specific?

Absolutely not.  All the principles in the handbook are universal and are not software or hardware specific. You could be using ProPresenter, MediaShout, EasyWorship or PowerPoint and still find all the principles in the Handbook relevant and timely.

Can I share The Worship Media Handbook with my church?

Yes, this ebook may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including printing, photocopying, scanning, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher as long as it is used exclusively by a community located at one, and only one, specific building location. This exception does not apply to multi-site buildings or churches, satellite or secondary locations, church plants at other locations, video venues or educational institutions. 

Is The Worship Media Handbook only available for the Apple iPad?

No, the handbook comes in a Adobe PDF format that will work on any device that can open a PDF file. This includes Mac and Windows desktop computers, Android, Windows and Apple tablets and even iPhones and other mobile devices. We just love Apple products and used them in examples to showcase the handbook. The handbook has also been tested and works well with Dropbox, Google Drive and Apple iBooks.

Is The Worship Media Handbook available with my CMG Subscription?

No. The Worship Media Handbook is a separate product and the bonus media content is a special edition addition to those who purchase the handbook within the first week.

Can I translate The Worship Media Handbook into a different language?

You are more than welcome to TRANSLATE the handbook into a different language and share it with your church. If you would like to make this translation available to other churches, please contact us DIRECTLY using the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of this screen.

How do I regain access to a past purchase?

Use this tool to access your past orders: Order Recovery Tool

Do the ProPresenter Mac Templates work in the Windows version?

The ProPresenter Templates will work in ProPresenter 6 on the Windows with mixed results. The Templates were created on a Mac and not all the styles transfer over correctly. Here is a list of known compatibility issues.

  1. Every font in the template should be set to CMG Sans Bold. Arial defaults instead.
  2. Any textbox that uses a split line style is not supported.
  3. Textboxes with fill colors aren’t loading correctly.

My payment was declined or I got an error message. What should I do?

The decline may have occurred for several reasons such as fraud protection, insufficient funds, invalid card type, input error, international restrictions, or something else.

For a complete explanation, contact your card issuer or bank for more information.

Church Motion Graphics Inc. is a Canadian company, and some credit cards limit purchases outside of their banking country. Without pre-purchase consent, a fraud alert may have been triggered because this type of online shopping is out of your normal spending behaviors.

By contacting your card issuer, they will review the failed transaction and see why the purchase declined. Once the bank gives you the green light, you are welcome to try completing the purchase again.

For further assistance, please contact us by clicking the blue chat icon in the lower left-hand corner of this page.

Notes: We do not accept PayPal payments linked to a bank checking or saving account.

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