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Ellen K.Trustpilot Review

CMG are the best - quality motions, graphics and so much more! They are kingdom-minded and they offer MANY free graphics etc. I love the editor, stills, and free resources! So thankful for CMG!

Paula M.Trustpilot Review

I love that there are so many different pieces available- social media, announcements, sermon templates, slide backgrounds, you name it! There are so many versatile things, so no matter your denomination or how traditional you like, there's something for you!

Lela S.Trustpilot Review

Excellent service and catchy graphics! Takes the guesswork out of my job, which frees me up to focus on other things

Tim A.Trustpilot Review

This is one of the best companies out church has spent money on. I get fresh, new, high quality graphics almost weekly! They keep the site very up-to-date as well and work hard to listen to their customers. VERY SATISFIED.

James M.Trustpilot Review

CMG offers the best church graphics packages in the industry! The staff also regularly and actively engage their user community to get feedback on product enhancements and needs. Having a subscription with them is a huge weekly timesaver.

Leah W.Trustpilot Review

The Church Motion Graphics team always does a great job at putting together relevant and pleasing graphics. They are worth every penny.

Brent B.Trustpilot Review

Church Motion Graphics provides incredible graphics and they are consistently creating new ones that are better than what they’ve done before. Their customer support is also top notch, fast and personal responses.

Taylor V.Trustpilot Review

Great company! I’m a graphic designer and I highly approve.

Ariel W.Facebook Page Review

Church Motion Graphics is, by far, the best resource for church media I've ever worked with. High quality, variety of styles, in every kind of graphic you could need. Plus, they're super friendly and helpful and they've worked hard to foster an amazing online community for church creatives!

Matt R.Facebook Page Review

CMG is a fantastic service for churches. Motion backgrounds, editable social media posts, and so much more. We get way more value for the money from this service than pretty much any other. Thanks to Jeff and team!

Kira B.Facebook Page Review

CMG backgrounds are amazing! Their website is constantly doing updates to make things easier for me to pick great graphics and backgrounds. My favorite feature is the ability to type in a song and it suggests a background to match the tempo. Their Facebook community is engaging and helpful! I love CMG!

Nick J.Facebook Page Review

Couldn't be more thankful for this team. You can feel the Christ centered focus in their business model, and they're content matches that level of excellence. Highly recommend.

Mitch B.Facebook Page Review

I have been using CMG for years! As a pastor with many different things on my plate the premium subscription has saved me so much time. CMG Font is my go to font for the last year. It is so versatile! And an added bonus, being able to reverse engineer the photoshop files helped me get so much better at the program too! Thanks CMG. It is so worth what they provide you with hands down.

Shannon A.Facebook Page Review

It's an amazing resource for churches large and small to create beautiful graphics for services!! It's very affordable for different levels and the CMG staff really cares about resourcing the body of Christ.

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Every month, we release new packs of worship visuals to bring a fresh look to your screens.
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New Items Added Weekly To Our Growing Library

Motion & Still Backgrounds
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Social Graphics
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Start Sharing Creative & Engaging Posts
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Step Up Your Sermon & Announcement Slides
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The Right Tools For Every Church

Everything You Need To Create A Great Look

Unlimited Access To Monthly Packs

Subscribe to unlock over 100 Monthly Packs featuring 2,600 stunning motion backgrounds, motion titles, and countdowns. Plus, a new pack is added every month. See Packs

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Countdown Timer Videos

Gain unlimited access to all countdown videos to kick off your worship services. This includes our Pro Countdowns with transparent backgrounds. See Countdowns

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Standard Plus Premium

Motion Titles

Welcome your congregation with Motion Titles that give visual context to various moments in your service. Over 450 title videos are included with a subscription. See Motion Titles

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Standard Plus Premium

Still Backgrounds

With our collection of 5,000 still backgrounds, you will always be prepared to make a quick slide or graphic on the fly. See Stills

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Tempo Match

Pick the perfect motion every time by using this easy tool that automatically matches the speed of all popular worship songs.
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CMG Extras

Extras Packs

Gain access to over 200 Extras Packs of motion backgrounds that will allow you to get even more creative with your worship visuals. Plus, four new packs are added each month. See Extras

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Sermon & Announcement Templates

Unlock over 2,000 editable templates for sermon and announcement slides that include both Photoshop and JPEG formats. 30 new templates are added monthly. See Templates

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Plus Premium

Social Graphics

Gain unlimited access to over 4,400 social media graphics—including title, blank, and Photoshop versions. Plus, 100 new graphics are added each month. See Graphics

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CMG Editor

With our editor tool, you can be more creative than ever with motions, templates and social graphics. Create your own text, adjust colors and even add in your church’s logo. Try CMG Editor

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Plus Premium

CMG Pro Builder

Create your own custom still and motion graphics by combining stunning text and shapes with exciting CMG backgrounds. Try Pro Builder

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CMG Remix

CMG Remix

Design your own still backgrounds by combining multiple CMG stills and even mixing in stunning nature photos. Try CMG Remix

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Instantly Make An Impact

Media That Gets The Whole Church Excited

Bring The Wow Factor

Our motion backgrounds stand out from traditional presentations and immediately catch the eye.

Everything You Need

Don’t waste any more time searching all over the internet for new media. We have you covered.

Increase Engagement

Dynamic worship slides bring an excitement that makes audiences of all ages want to get involved.

The Easiest Solution

We make it super simple to choose great looking backgrounds and insert them into your slides.

Up-To-Date Looks

We provide motions and graphics with the latest design trends so that your church is always looking fresh.

Affordable Pricing

Every church should be able to afford great media. Our prices are designed to work on any church budget.

*High-quality upscaling

Church Motion Graphics enhances your environment with creative screen visuals.

We create eye-catching graphics and videos that are specifically designed to look great in churches. They’re perfect for displaying behind worship lyrics, announcement slides, or when used alone.