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CMG Sans

The World’s Best Worship Lyric Font

Improve Your Church’s Visuals In Seconds For Free

Downloaded By Over 200,000 People

We’ve Made It Easy To Look Great

The Perfect Choice For Your Church’s Screens

Take the guesswork out of choosing fonts for your lyric slides, sermon presentations, and announcements with this free download that makes it easy to look awesome. Works with all applications including ProPresenter, MediaShout, EasyWorship, Proclaim, SongShowPlus, PowerPoint, and Photoshop.

Created For Worship Environments

Take your worship slides to the next level with a font specially designed for church screens.

Easily Legible Across The Room

Increase the visibility of your presentations to even the farthest seat in your worship space.

Beneficial For All Church Purposes

Useful in every area of your ministry including bulletins, social media, and sermon materials.

Useful In Title Case or All Caps

Friendly and uplifting in lowercase; sophisticated and empowering in uppercase.

34 Weights Included + Italic

Get the perfect look for every unique moment with multiple variations included.

Perfect Symmetry

Hard lines and sharp corners mesh with smooth, rounded letterforms for an excellent look.
How To Install | Mac or PC

Versatile Look Makes Many Styles Possible

Add Some Creativity To Your Services

Choose The Look That’s Just Right For You

34 Style Variations

Starter Set Styles

CMG Sans Regular
CMG Sans Italic
CMG Sans Bold
CMG Sans Bold Italic

Extended Set Styles

CMG Sans Thin
CMG Sans Thin Italic
CMG Sans ExtraLight
CMG Sans ExtraLight Italic
CMG Sans Light
CMG Sans Light Italic
CMG Sans Medium
CMG Sans Medium Italic
CMG Sans Semi-bold
CMG Sans Semi-bold Italic
CMG Sans ExtraBold
CMG Sans ExtraBold Italic
CMG Sans Black
CMG Sans Black Italic

Condensed Set Styles

CMG Sans Condensed
CMG Sans Condensed Italic
CMG Sans Condensed Italic
CMG Sans Medium Condensed
CMG Sans Medium Condensed
CMG Sans Medium Condensed Italic
CMG Sans Semi-bold Condensed
CMG Sans Semi-bold Condensed Italic
CMG Sans Bold Condensed
CMG Sans Bold Condensed Italic

All Caps Set Styles

CMG Sans Medium Condensed Caps
CMG Sans Medium Condensed Caps
CMG Sans Bold Condensed Caps
CMG Sans Bold Condensed Caps
CMG Sans Medium Caps
CMG Sans Medium Caps
CMG Sans Semi-bold Caps
CMG Sans Semi-Bold Caps
CMG Sans Bold Caps

Speciality Set Styles

CMG Sans Bold Slab | New
CMG Sans Bold Slab
CMG Sans Bold Outline
CMG Sans ExtraBold Wide Outline
CMG Sans ExtraBold Wide
CMG Sans Bold Rounded
CMG Sans Mono Digits
CMG Sans Bold Backslant
CMG Sans Bold Backslant

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with Mac and PC, plus presentation and graphics programs such as ProPresenter, MediaShout, EasyWorship, Proclaim, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

How To Install | Mac or PC
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Free For Everyone To Download

A Great Look For Your Church For $0

  • Created For Churches

  • Timeless Design

  • Easy To Use

  • PC & Mac Compatible

  • Bilingual Support

  • Use However You Want

CMG Sans (“The Font”) has been designed using the Open Typeface, “Montserrat” and combined with select symbols, characters, and marks from, “Open Sans” under the Apache License Version 2.0. Major custom modifications that have been made to the Montserrat typeface are the “G”, “J”, “1”, “4”, “7”, “a”, and minor modifications have been made to a series of other characters and symbols. All commas, apostrophes, quotation marks, and semicolons from “Open Sans” have been used to create The Font. Other modifications from the original fonts used include swapping regular letters with glyphs and customizing non-alphanumeric characters. Derivative fonts include Condensed, Medium Condensed, Semi-bold Condensed, Bold Condensed, Condensed Italic, Medium Condensed Italic, Semi-bold Condensed Italic, Bold Condensed Italic, Medium Condensed Caps, Bold Condensed Caps, Medium Caps, Semi-bold Caps, Bold Caps, Bold Outline, ExtraBold Wide Outline, ExtraBold Wide, Bold Rounded, Mono Digits, Bold Backslant, Bold Slab.