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7 Creative Looks For Worship Slides In October

7 Creative Looks For Worship Slides In October

Looking to boost the creativity of your church’s lyric slides this season? The October 2019 CMG Pack is an easy choice to get started. This collection of motion backgrounds has been one of our most popular CMG Packs for Fall.

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Try These 7 “Harvest Glass” Lyric Looks

To make your church’s screens look even more creative, we’ve put together 7 slide arrangements that are easy to recreate in your presentation software. You’ll see that when you’re working with quality backgrounds, all you need is a simple font and shapes to make your lyrics really pop. We hope these slide ideas will inspire you!

1. Classic Title Text

Font: Kristopher
Background: Harvest Glass Blank

2. Colored Translucent Box

Font: CMG Sans ExtraBold Wide
Background: Harvest Glass Charged

3. Viral Text Boxes

Font: CMG Sans Bold
Background: Harvest Glass Ripple

4. Script Line Combo

Font: CMG Sans BoldThe Brightside
Background: Harvest Glass Ocean

5. Vintage Text Box

Font: Moccha Sans Serif
Background: Harvest Glass Paper

6. Back Shadow Script

Font: CMG Sans Bold, Ramland
Background: Harvest Glass Gold

7. Top Brushed Bar

Font: CMG Sans Medium
Background: Harvest Glass Lake

Ready To Try It Yourself?

If you’re ready to make your worship lyrics slides look like this, it’s super easy. Click below to download this pack of Harvest Glass motion backgrounds. Then, apply the recommended fonts and shapes in your presentation software to add a cherry on top.

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