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How To Use CMG’s ColorMatch Tool

With our new ColorMatch feature, it’s easier than ever to discover the unique colors that make up a CMG visual. Whether it’s a motion or still background, slide template, social graphic, or nearly any other kind of visual in our Media Browser, this new tool is now available to help you identify precise colors from a graphic.

This is useful for a variety of applications such as creating coordinating graphic design elements, matching your worship space LED lighting, finding other visuals with a similar color scheme, or creating your own custom color palette.

Here’s a closer look at how you can use this feature:

1. Find An Item You like In The Media Browser

Nearly every item in the CMG Media Browser can now take advantage of this tool. This includes motion backgrounds, titles, countdowns, templates, social graphics, and more. Find one that you love to get started and click on it.

2. Click “ColorMatch” Under The Image Preview

Once you’ve clicked a graphic in the Media Browser, a new window will pop up that provides an image preview, information, and download options. Under the image preview, click “ColorMatch” to start using this tool.

3. Instantly View The Colors From Your Graphic

With just a click, you are now viewing nine primary colors that make up your chosen graphic. It’s easy to pick out the colors that you like most from this new color palette because its convenient display.

4. Click To Copy Hex Codes

You’ll notice that six digit color hex codes are displayed under each of the hues that make up the color palette. To easily copy these codes, hover over the color of your choice and click to automatically copy to your device’s clipboard. It can now be pasted to another applications with ease.


Ready to give it a try for yourself? Click below to get started!

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