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Worship Backgrounds That Don’t Suck

By October 1st, 2019News

Are you looking for high-quality motion backgrounds that don’t suck? Check out these top 3 downloads from 2014.

2014 was an amazing year. I released 12 stunning CMG Packs, published The Worship Media Handbook, launched the CMG Motion of the Month and were a part of countless other projects and initiatives.

Here are three of the most popular CMG moving backgrounds that were used in 2014.

#1. Diamond Light Special

This moving background was included in the May 2014 CMG Pack. It’s unique motion and design was a big hit among all of our CMG Pack subscribers.

#2. Light Silk Valley 

This moving background was from the July 2014 CMG Pack and contained a unique flowing silk design.

3. Big Shape Elevation

We started 2014 with a bold set of moving backgrounds with the January 2014 CMG Pack. In that Pack was this motion. Everyone loved the upward arrows and vibrant orange colors.