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Sermon Series Creative Team Workflow

By October 6th, 2020Articles

Here is a robust workflow to help you get the most out of your creative team design process. From concept to final delivery, there are important checkpoints you need to meet to insure the best ideas win, everyone stays in sync and the projects get delivered on time and to specification.

This workflow was created using a mixture of knowledge from my own experiences combined with hearing how Stephen Brewster leads his creative team at Cross Point Church.

If you have any questions about this workflow please leave a comment below.

Phase 1. Sermon Series Direction

  • Series theme and working title
  • Scripture references
  • Series vision
  • Required visuals

Who: Pastoral Team and Core Leadership

Objective: Create a theme that will guide the creative direction for the sermon series

Phase 2. Idea List Brainstorm

  • Large group brainstorming ideas
  • No idea is a bad idea
  • Stay focused
  • Explore various ideas
  • Fun and playful
  • Don’t commit to anything

Who: People who can communicate ideas, be positive and work with others. Creative Director and Core Creative Team

Objective: Create a large list of good, bad and ugly ideas that work with the Sermon Series Direction

Phase 3. Edit Idea List

  • Small group of people
  • Critique list of ideas
  • Edit list and find the best ideas
  • Not fun or creative (gruelling process)
  • Debate the ideas

Who: Creative Director and Core Creative Team (2-4 people)

Objective: Highlight the best ideas from the Idea List that meet the Sermon Series Direction

Phase 4. Create Two Briefs

  • Small group of people
  • Review the edited list
  • Build connections between ideas
  • Create briefs that work

Who: Creative Director and Core Creative Team (2-4 people)

Objective: Create two unique design briefs that meet the Sermon Series Direction

Phase 5. Official Brief Selection

  • Choose the best brief that meets the vision of the church
  • Edits and refinements are welcome

Who: Pastoral Team and Creative Director

Objective: Create the Official Brief that will give clear direction to the Creative Director and Creative Teams

Phase 6. Official Visual Style Guide

  • Create style-boards that visually present the Official Brief
  • Define the look

Who: Creative Director and/or Lead Designer

Objective: Create a look that will guide all the Creative Teams. Choose the colour pallet, primary/secondary typefaces and design style

Phase 7. Creative Team Proposals

  • Creative teams (visuals, stage, video, print, etc.) review the Official Brief and Official Style Guide
  • Ask Creative Director questions
  • Create proposals, mockups and/or storyboards for design projects
  • Present ideas proposals to the Creative Director for editing and approval

Who: Creative Teams and Creative Director

Objective: Sign-off on design projects to get completed and set milestone dates

Phase 8. Design Project Check-ins

  • Design Teams post progress so everyone involved sees how things are coming together
  • Official Visual Style Guide accountability is maintained by the Creative Director
  • Synergy can occur
  • No surprises

Who: Creative Teams, Creative Director and Pastoral Team

Objective: Everyone involved in the Sermon Series stays in the loop, visually in sync and on schedule

Phase 9. Deliver

  • Design projects are delivered on time and to spec

Who: Creative Teams

Objective: Deliver a cohesive design package that helps the sermon series theme be memorable, enhanced and visible at every point of the church experience