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10 Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Your Church

10 Creative Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Your Church

While Mother’s Day is not a church holiday, it is one of the most celebrated holidays in popular culture. By implementing some creative ideas at your church to honor mothers, you can create buzz and make this day special for your congregation. With luck, you can get whole families in attendance to celebrate. 

1. Lemonade Bar

Serving lemonade in your lobby before and after service is a fun way to make the day extra sweet. Add in syrups and fruit to take it to the next level, or just stick to the classic flavor. Either way, it’s an easy, affordable win that makes people smile.

2. Photo Booth

Get mom what she really wants for Mother’s Day – a new profile picture with her family. You can create a great photo op with simple decorations. To make it even better, include a sign(s) that reference the occasion.

3. Social Media Posts

Celebrating moms on your church’s social pages is a great way to spark engagement and take advantage of the momentum of the holiday. Posting fun Mother’s Day images from the CMG Social library will generate interaction online.

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4. Gifts or Flowers

Make the ladies in your church feel honored on this day by having small gifts or flowers ready for each of them. Candles, lotions, water bottles, and chocolate are popular gifts, while lilies, orchids, tulips, and succulents are popular plants.

5. Film A Thank You Video

Break out the video camera in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day to have families share their appreciation for their mom. You could set up a booth in your church’s lobby to capture these clips, have people record from their phones at home and email them in, or record messages from kids in your children’s ministry. Or, if video editing isn’t an option for you, try using one of these eye-catching Mother’s Day mini movies.

6. Host A Female Speaker

A great way to celebrate moms on their big day is to have a message from a female speaker or even a panel of ladies to offer different perspectives. If this wouldn’t work best for your church, another method would be to include a testimony from a mother in the service.

7. Kids Crafts

Let the kids get in on the fun by having them make gifts for their moms. There are many creative activities and crafts that are easy to pull off in a short amount of time. Even the simplest crafts are sure to make the moms feel loved.

8. Use Bright, Colorful Motions

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to use colorful backgrounds during your time of worship. Using bright motions like these from the CMG Media Browser match the Spring season perfectly and show intentionality in your worship lyric slides.

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9. Thank You Cards

Sometimes a genuine “thank you” is the perfect way to honor someone. Having the student and children’s ministries write cards is a great Mother’s Day surprise. Some churches even provide cards cleverly hidden in the men’s restroom for all of the guys who forgot this important day.

10. Mother’s Day Graphics On Screen

Don’t let this day go unrecognized in your services. Include a graphic on your screen to show how much you care about the ladies in your congregation. These creative examples are just a few that can be found in our CMG Template library.

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CMG Has What You Need For Mother’s Day

Looking for more inspiration? Check out Church Motion Graphics’ large collection of Mother’s Day backgrounds, countdown videos, slide templates, social media graphics, mini movies, and more. With over 300 visuals to choose from just for this special day, you’re sure to find something that’s the perfect fit for your church to mark this occasion.

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(Photographs from Piedmont Chapel in High Point, NC)