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ProPresenter 6 Video Tutorial Roundup

By January 14th, 2017Tutorials
ProPresenter 6

Need to learn about all the hot new features in ProPresenter 6 fast? Here is a selection of video tutorials that will quickly get you familiar with ProPresenter 6 by Renewed Vision.

New Features

Watch a nice overview of all the new key features in ProPresenter 6.

Interface Overview

The interface of ProPresenter 6 is designed to be easy to use, and customizable to fit your specific needs.

The Presentation Timeline

The Presentation timeline allows for slides to be pre-sequenced to time or to a soundtrack.

Clocks and Timers

ProPresenter 6 offers unlimited clocks and timers to keep your service on-time. This tutorial shows all of the ways you can use this functionality

Live Video Input

ProPresenter can take a live video input and display content over that input. This tutorials walks through how to set up and use this function.

Announcement Loops

ProPresenter makes creating loops of slides and media easy with announcement loops (also called “quips).This tutorial explains how.

Stage Display

The Stage Display output in ProPresenter is one of its most powerful features, giving a great deal of flexibility to the information you want to see at a glance. This tutorial walks you through the many options available when working with the stage display.


The Masks layer in ProPresenter sits on top of all other layers and is designed for easily masking out sections of your output. This tutorial explains how this function works.

Planning Center Online

ProPresenter 6 offers tight integration with the services provided by Planning Center Online. This tutorial deals the various ways these two great Church offerings work together.

Working with Social Media

ProPresenter makes the display of Instragram and Twitter feeds extremely easy. This tutorial shows how to use this powerful function.


ProPresenter’s arrangements function make it easy to customize the ordering of slides without creating separate presentations. This tutorial shows you how.

The Cue Palatte

The Cue palette allows you to make multiple things happen when a slide is clicked. This tutorial shows you how it works.

Text Reflow 2.0

The Text Reflow feature of ProPresenter makes making edits to song presentations as easy as editing a text document.


The telestrator function of ProPresenter 6 gives you the ability to annotate slides in real-time during a presentation. This tutorial shows how you can use this powerful tool effectively.

Slide Builds

ProPresenter 6 offers some great new tools for creating dynamic slides, which are covered in this tutorial.

Advanced Slide Design

There is a wealth of features and options for building slides in ProPresenter 6, and this comprehensive tutorial will show you creative design strategies you’ll want to incorporate in your presentations.

Extra Video Tutorials

Installing on a Mac
My First Presentation
Importing and Exporting
CCLI Reporting
Working with Bibles
Settings and Preferences
Importing Songs
Media Organization and Effects
Audio Bin

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