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Free After Effects Countdown Timer Template

By January 17th, 2022Tutorials

Matthew Kirby is a member of our Facebook Community and has created a useful After Effects template for quickly creating countdown timers. Download the project file to get started.

Download Countdown Timer Template

Download pre-made countdown timer videos

After Effects Instructions

  1. Download and Install CMG Sans Bold Mono Digits font
  2. Open AE File “Countdown Timer Template”
  3. Select “Control” layer (Layer 1)
  4. Adjust Timer Duration to desired length (in seconds)
    Note: Countdown timer opacity is key-framed to fade in. Add 1 second to total time on “Timer Duration Slider” so that the start time displays before counting down.
  5. Adjust Text / Gradient Shadow color as desired.
  6. Add CMG Motion Background underneath Countdown Timer layer. Loop as necessary.
    Note: Enable Time Remapping on motion background video layer. Alt/Option-Click the stopwatch and paste this expression:


click out of expression editor window
  7. Export Video

After Effects Screenshots

Download pre-made countdown timer videos