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8 Noise Play Lyric Slide Designs That Inspire

8 Noise Play Lyric Slide Designs That Will Inspire You

Looking to bring some excitement to your worship team’s lyric slides? The October 2018 CMG Pack has been one of our most popular collections of motion backgrounds in the past year. These Noise Play animated backgrounds and titles combine two trendy design elements – analog noise and colorful waves – to bring a totally unique look.

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Try These 8 Noise Play Lyric Looks

To make your church’s screens look even more creative, we’ve put together 8 slide arrangements that are easy to recreate in your presentation software. We hope they will inspire you!

1. Thin Split Lines

Font: CMG Sans SemiBold
Background: Noise Play Arctic

2. Bold White Box

Font: CMG Sans Black
Background: Noise Play Awake

3. Emphasized Electric Lines

Font: CMG Sans Bold Italic
Background: Noise Play Gold

4. Simple And Spaced

Font: CMG Sans Medium
Background: Noise Play Hills

5. Dual White Bars

Font: CMG Sans SemiBold
Background: Noise Play Ocean

6. Deep Dark Circle

Font: CMG Sans ExtraBold
Background: Noise Play Party

7. Single Strong Box

Font: CMG Sans Bold
Background: Noise Play Rows

8. Subtle Solid Bar

Font: CMG Sans Regular
Background: Noise Play Blank