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1000 Worship Media Handbooks Sold

By May 23rd, 2017News

I’m excited to announce that we just sold our 1000th digital copy of The Worship Media Handbook.

Since launching the handbook on January 22nd, 2014 we have had churches from twenty-five countries purchase this resource for their media teams. These countries include: Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and Great Britain.

This handbook was a labor of love to write and publish, and I’m so glad it has become a valuable resource for so many people.

Rave Reviews

17 FIVE STAR customer reviews have poured in and here are four I would like to share with you.

“This handbook is a Godsend. I’ve been looking for input as well as confirmation for the service in the “Eagles” Nest, and your handbook was that confirmation. Thanks for all the basic guidelines and then thanks for all the resources at the end. And I’m really glad that you view this ministry as a way to enhance the worship for each soul who desires to praise and worship the Lord God Almighty.” –Nancy

“I love this book simply because it explains that media is more than technology, but it is worship! I’m excited to pass this book to my team and excel our media ministry. A Part 2 is anticipated for more advanced media tricks!!” –Jonathan

“This book has it all!!! A must read for everyone of your volunteers or staff.” –Justin

“Kudos to Jeff McIntosh for creating a one-stop resource for worship projection. Jeff’s well-constructed, easy to follow, ‘do this not that’ layout will help to put an end to poor and inconsistent displays. This resource will provide media teams of any size a framework for standardization, for establishing ‘best practices’, and for acknowledging that details matter!” –Patti

Thank you for purchasing The Worship Media Handbook and desiring to create better presentations for your community.

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