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10 Must-Have Gifts For Church Techs Under $25

By July 14th, 2023Articles
10 Must-Have Gifts For Church Techs Under $25

Have a techie on your shopping list? Need a gift for a creative at your church? Not sure where to start when buying their present? We’re here to help. This list is full of gifts that are sure to bring a smile to their face and won’t break the bank, either.

1. Bagsmart Universal Cable Organizer

Price: $17.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: Can you really be called a “tech” if you don’t carry multiple cables and dongles with you at all times? This organizer helps you keep all of your accessories neat and contained.

2. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

Price: $20.39  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: This affordable backpack is a perfect “daily carry” for a laptop, notebook, and other accessories. It’s made of stain-resistant nylon fabric and even includes a USB plug for charging your devices.

3. SRMATE Cell Phone & Tablet Stand With Flexible Arm

Price: $16.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: This combo phone and tablet stand makes the perfect addition to every church tech booth and workspace. It allows you to always have your device within eyesight while keeping you focused on the task at hand.

4. Knock Knock To Accomplish Sticky Notes Packet

Price: $12.18  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: There is nothing you can’t accomplish when you have these handy sticky notes at your disposal. They make the perfect gift for that person on your list that’s always busy.

5. Holy Stone Predator Mini Drone

Price: $25.00  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: Every church tech deserves to have a little fun after all of their hard work. This remote-controlled drone is perfect for new and advanced pilots. It can even perform flips with the push of a button.

6. MIANOVA Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $22.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: How often can you combine both audio and lighting into one gift for a tech? This bluetooth speaker is sure to add a little party to your production booth.

7. Keedox 8 Outlet 4 USB Port Power Tower

Price: $20.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: If you’re ever curious if a tech person needs another power strip, the answer is always yes. This power tower is a great addition to their collection to keep their devices charged up.

8. UBeesize 54-inch Selfie Stick Tripod

Price: $19.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: This is an absolute necessity for anyone who takes photos and videos with their smartphone, not to mention vloggers. It works as a selfie stick or a quick, space-saving tripod.

9. Nulaxy Wireless Charging Stand

Price: $19.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: Since most smartphones are now compatible with Qi wireless charging, a stand like this is a great gift for anyone who uses their phone frequently. It’s a handy addition to a desk, tech booth, or nightstand.

10. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Price: $21.06  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: No more wasted paper – this dot grid notebook can be used endlessly by wiping pages clean with a damp cloth. It’s great for sketching out your next stage design or jotting down quick notes in service.