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Why Worship Lyric Projection?

By October 17th, 2016Articles

The primary purpose of worship lyric projection is to prompt your community when singing songs. All projected lyrics need to feel like they belong on your screen with readable text that is accurate and timely. When done well, this can help your community worship God. On the other hand, distractions contained in a poorly designed presentation will have a negative impact on an individual’s worship experience.

If the primary purpose of lyric projection is to present the text, then the secondary purpose is the visual experience. When visuals are done well they enhance the worship experience to create deeper engagement and meaning for your community. Good visual design is not always noticeable, sometimes it is what goes unnoticed that makes a design great. Visuals need to flow seamlessly into the projected environment and sensory experience.

Everything you do as a designer and projectionist needs to glorify God and communicate His truth. Designing and presenting lyrics and slides to the best of your ability will ensure you are doing the most you can to help point people to Jesus.

Read The Worship Media Handbook and learn the do’s and don’ts of the worship lyric projection process.