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CMG Community Group Feedback

CMG Community Group Feedback

Since starting our industry-leading Facebook Group “CMG Community” (formally Visual Church Media) in July of 2014, we have seen over 40,000 church media leaders come together to ask questions, find answers and encourage one another in their vocations.

Here are a few comments from the members on how this Group has benefitted them personally.

“This Facebook group is a ready resource for me as we pool together years of experience to solve problems. It’s a much-needed help, especially for volunteer media workers.” ~Clifton B.

“Although I am an amateur in lighting and video who is self-trained, at my local church I am seen as an expert in the field. This group has proved to be beneficial in helping to bounce ideas off of one another and also to have light bulbs go off in my own head after seeing and reading about others and their setups. As a local church with a really tiny budget for audio/visual, I have been able to replicate some expensive designs for fairly cheap and strictly out of pocket. Definitely love this group!” ~Tony L.

“It has inspired me on many occasions and also encouraged me that there are other people who go through similar problems that I do.” ~Vicky M.

“It has inspired me on many occasions and also encouraged me that there are other people who go through similar problems that I do.” ~Tim B.

It’s given me the opportunity to see others in the same situation as me, to see how they’re doing things, the different routes that my church could take, and also to keep up with the latest developments.” ~Michael N.

I get a variety of viewpoints as to how they cope with issues and tackle problems. Plus, people have shared links to resources and articles that I could have never quickly found.” ~Tim P.

It’s fantastic to be inspired by other people to influence my ministry as well as know others are going through the same thing. In ministry it can feel like you’re on an island, and this helps you feel like you’re not alone.” ~Jonathan S.

“I have gotten real, practical, immediate help and advice from others with the same passion for visual worship. Some are experts, but most, like me, are just sharing their personal experience and what worked for them. I consider such help more valuable because their solutions aren’t pie-in-the-sky out-of-reach-financially ideas but actual work-arounds and real plans. I have also thoroughly enjoyed and been inspired by the work shared by those in this group. From graphic arts, platform staging, to announcement or sermon intro videos — the work is as varied and beautiful as the artists on this page.” Angel A.

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