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The Right Way To Display CCLI License Information On Worship Lyric Slides

By October 6th, 2020Articles

As part of the Church Copyright License® (CCL®) Terms of Agreement, you are to include with each reproduced version of a song the song title, writer credit(s) and copyright notice in substantially the following form:

“Hallelujah,” words and music by John Doe
© 2000 Good Music Co.
Used By Permission. CCLI License #123456789


“Hallelujah” words and music by John Doe
©2000 Good Music Co.
CCLI License #123456789

With a print, this information is to be placed under each song. When projecting a song, it only needs to appear once with the song. This is typically placed on the last lyric slide at the bottom of the screen.

When using multiple songs together as a medley, the song’s ownership information should be included with each song. It is important to provide the ownership information with any portion of a copyrighted song.

When projecting a song, there are no terms in the license agreement stating how legible the license notice needs to be or how long the notice needs to be visible for. For this reason, I suggest making the notice in a very small font, neutral color and only displaying it for a few seconds. This will minimize itself as a distracting element in your presentation while still complying with your copyright license terms of the agreement.

To learn more worship lyric projection best practices go read The Worship Media Handbook.