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Looking for a Triple-wide Media Subscription?

By October 7th, 2020News
Triple-wide motion background subscription

UPDATE: This step is no longer needed because we have included true triple-wide (1920×480) videos in every CMG Subscription. Read about the upgrade.

Are you looking for a triple-wide media subscription with motion backgrounds? If so we have something you will be interested in.

Join a CMG Subscription and get fifteen moving backgrounds and various other pieces of media every month. What is special about these nine motions is that they come in a 1920 x 1080 resolution (along with 1280 x 720 and 800 x 600 formats). We have many subscribers using this large 1080p resolution format with their triple-wide and double-wide screen setups and according to their feedback everything is working very well. The only thing their media team has to do is crop our videos in post or use “Scale to Fill” in ProPresenter to proportionally scale our media to fit their wide-screen formated displays.

Here is a quick tutorial showing you how easy it is to use “Scale to Fill” in ProPresenter¬†to use our 1080p moving backgrounds in a triple-wide projection environment:

Learn more about the CMG Subscriptions

If you have any questions about using our media in a triple-wide projection environment please sent me an email using our contact page. I would be happy to connect with you.