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How Often Should You Update Worship Backgrounds?

By September 28th, 2022Articles
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Displaying colorful backgrounds behind your worship lyrics on your projectors or screens is by far the easiest way to add a creative element to your church’s time of singing. It takes things that are otherwise boring – plain text slides – and transforms them into engaging artwork that enhances the overall experience of your music.

You have probably seen these backgrounds, whether motion or still, used in worship moments at other churches, concerts, or events. You may have even used them in your ministry context, but are still wondering about the proper way to use these media tools. In this blog post, we have the answers that you’ve been searching for about worship backgrounds.

How Often Should You Change Worship Backgrounds In A Service?

The most popular method for using backgrounds during worship is to use one motion or still for each individual song. This single background is displayed behind all of the pieces of a song (verses, chorus, bridge, etc.) from start to finish. So, if your set list includes 4 songs, you would use 4 backgrounds.

It’s important to note that with this method each background should match the song in terms of speed, mood, and theme. For example, a slow, intimate song about finding solace in Christ could be paired with a slow-moving, deep blue background with a cross. In contrast, an energetic opener song about lifting up praise could be paired with a fast, bright orange motion with rising particles. This creates a unique, visual experience for each song that is very moving.

Taking It One Step Further

To take this look one step further, some churches choose to use multiple backgrounds per song. This is typically done by assigning one background to the majority of the song, such as the verses, then swapping to another during the chorus or bridge as the tempo of the song changes. This method should be used carefully because it can easily become more of a hindrance than a help. However, when executed properly, it can create a powerful visual moment in worship.

No matter how many backgrounds you choose to use in your worship service, they should all match and come from the same visual theme. This level of excellence and consistency brings comfort to your audience. This is easy to achieve by using CMG Packs that come with 15+ coordinating motion backgrounds.

How Often Should You Update The Style of Your Worship Backgrounds?

The most common method for updating the overall look of worship backgrounds is to bring in a new look every month. After about 4 weeks of using a style, the “newness” of a look tends to wear off. Also, depending on the time of year, changes in weather and seasons of life will call for an update in your backgrounds. For example, backgrounds with a Summer, ocean theme are perfect for August, but wouldn’t pair well with September as you’re heading into Fall.

Familiarity & Change

When using a particular look of backgrounds for an entire month, you give your audience a sense of familiarity in that season. It allows you to determine the overall feel for those worship services. Then, as a new month begins, you can hit the reset button and bring a boost of enthusiasm by premiering new visuals.

We have made it easy and affordable to get a fresh look every month like this with our monthly CMG Packs. Every month, you get a new pack of motion backgrounds delivered to your inbox.

Taking It One Step Further

To take this one step further, some churches choose to use a completely new look every single week. They will use backgrounds with the same visual style for every song in an entire service, then change it up for the following weekend. If you plan to use a large number of backgrounds like this, the CMG Premium Subscription is for you. You’ll gain unlimited access to over 175 unique packs of worship backgrounds for an unbeatable price.

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