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8 Notebooks Church Creatives Can’t Live Without

By July 14th, 2023Articles
8 Notebooks Church Creatives Can't Live Without

No matter how many smartphone apps there are for note taking, there will always be something special about putting pen to paper. This is particularly true for creatives who are constantly capturing ideas and inspiration.

After polling our Facebook Group on their favorite notebooks, we compiled this list of recommendations for your next notebook purchase.

1. Moleskine Reporter

Price: $14.99

Why It’s Awesome: Moleskine notebooks are infamous for their superior quality and endurance. This version flips upward, which allows the use of the full page without the interference of binding.

2. Rocketbook Erasable Wirebound

Price: $33.98

Why It’s Awesome: This notebook includes 32 reusable pages that can wipe clean with a damp cloth when used with Pilot FriXion pens. Plus, with an app, can easily be uploaded to the cloud service of your choice.

3. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Price: $13.10

Why It’s Awesome: This extremely high-quality notebook is great for journaling or note keeping. It includes a pocket in the back for cards, photos, etc. Plus, it comes with Moleskine’s famous ribbon bookmark.

4. Field Notes Memo Book

Price: $9.95

Why It’s Awesome: This small notebook is perfect to carry with you every day. It easily fits in your back pocket and is always ready when inspiration hits.

5. Leuchtturm1917 Medium Hardcover

Price: $19.95

Why It’s Awesome: This medium, hardcover notebook is perfect for capturing creative ideas and meeting notes. It comes in a variety of colors to fit your personal style.

6. Amazon Basics Classic Notebook

Price: $7.19

Why It’s Awesome: Products from Amazon Basics are known for their great prices and impressive quality. This is a great alternative to Moleskine notebooks.

7. Rhodiarama Softcover Lined Notebook

Price: $17.96

Why It’s Awesome: This notebook is known for its endurance and personality. It comes in many colors, features a unique, orange bookmark, and is proven to stand up to much abuse.

8. Lemome Hardcover Classic Notebook

Price: $14.99

Why It’s Awesome: This notebook is known for its thick pages and special penholder on the binding. It’s a great choice for creatives who like to mockup designs on paper.