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7 Best Websites To Find Royalty Free Music

By November 12th, 2020Articles

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Visit Church Media Spot for an updated list of the best Royalty Free Music resources.

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You need a music track whenever you are creating an announcement, bumper, teaser, trailer or interview video for your church. Sourcing that soundtrack shouldn’t be difficult. Here is a list of my top seven websites to find high-quality music for your next church video project.

1. Soundstripe

Unlimited Top Shelf Music Tracks For $19/month. Use Anywhere: Youtube, Facebook, broadcast television… We don’t care.

2. The Music Bed

This company knows how to curate music. They have an extensive collection of indie, ambient, electronic, folk, pop, rock and soul music. It’s easy to browse their music library to find the right track or ask their Music Supervisor for help.

3. Seeds Music Resources (Free)

I love Church On The Move. This team creates with intentionality and has a massive heart for the Church. It’s no wonder COTM graciously gives away all their music resources away for free. Go browse their collection of 100 free music tracks and find something that helps tell your story.

4. YouTube Audio Library (Free)

Everyone knows YouTube for their videos, but did you know they also have an audio library? That’s right! YouTube has a library of music that they let you film makers use royalty free.

5. SoundCloud (Free)

This is another website where content producers have opened up their media library to allow you to use their tracks royalty free. When searching remember to filter by “to modify commercially” to find all the free music.

6. Premium Beats

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Try out Premium Beats for exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship. This premium site does come at a price at around $40 per track.

7. iStock Audio

Your last stop on your audio journey should be iStock Audio. Nestled between their massive video and photo libraries is their sizeable music library. Go check it out and see what you find.

Honorable mentions


What is your favorite site to find royalty-free music?