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5 Tips For A Successful Sermon Series

By October 7th, 2020Articles
5 Simple Tips For A Successful Sermon Series

Many churches and pastors are now choosing to deliver their sermons in the form of multi-week series. There are several benefits of this form of delivery including getting to reinforce a theme over multiple weeks, it encourages people to come back, and is an easy invitation for unchurched friends.

But, what makes a successful sermon series? Many things come into play including prayer and direction from God, but there are some practical steps, too.

Here are a few tips that we have seen give series a boost:

1. Choose A Topic That Connects With Your Community

Planning for a sermon series should always begin with prayer and careful consideration about the current needs of your church family and the community surrounding you. It’s important that the series be relevant at that time, such as planning for a “Fresh Start” teaching at the beginning of the year. Also, consider the challenges of the people in your seats on Sundays. Are they dealing with relationship problems? Is there a lack of faith? Are a large number of them raising young children? Touching on these topics first will make a big impact.

2. Use An Eye-Catching Sermon Graphic

A creative sermon graphic is one of the best ways to make a big impression on your audience and generate a lot of excitement around your series. At Church Motion Graphics, we have made this one easy. Our CMG Template library is filled with hundreds of creative sermon graphics covering a range of topics that are ready to use with your messages. Every template even comes with an editable Photoshop file that can be customized for your specific sermon. Or, you can now edit in your browser using CMG Editor.

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3. Promote. Promote. Promote.

In the weeks leading up to the start, it’s imperative that you advertise your sermon series so that your church family knows what is coming up. Promote it through all of your communication channels: bulletins, announcements, social media, website, email, and any other method that works well for your specific location. This is also a great time to think about creative ways to reach outsiders who may be interested in hearing preaching on a topic.

4. Encourage Your Congregation To Invite Others

Personal invitations from your members to their friends, families, and coworkers is the most successful and sustainable form of advertising for your church. Make a big emphasis on the life-changing power of an invite to church and encourage your congregation to bring someone to church for your series. Simple “invite cards” with your sermon graphic and church info are an easy and affordable way to equip your congregation to invite others.

5. Offer Recaps Each Week of the Series

Sermon series give pastors the opportunity to repeat each week a little of the teaching that occurred the week(s) prior. This is great for reinforcing the major themes of the series that you’re trying to emphasize. Plus, it helps bring up to speed newcomers and those who may have missed a week or two. Some churches even choose to provide resources from each week of the series for those who want to learn more.

Need More Advice?

Don’t feel like you’re alone in figuring out sermon series. We have a Facebook Group filled with over 35,000 church and creative leaders who are facing the same challenges as you. We encourage you to join our group and see what series they are currently preaching.