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5 Fresh Fonts for Worship Lyric Projection

By October 6th, 2020Articles

Spring is here and it is time to introduce some new fonts into your worship lyric slides. In the past I have written about popular fonts and covered all the common fonts in my ebook The Worship Media Handbook, so let’s look at some fresh new ones. I have searched far and wide to find free fonts that you can use to freshen up your worship lyric slides.

1. Rodina


This font has nice thick lines and rounded edges. It produces a friendly feel for those upbeat songs. Tip: try reducing the tracking of the font to tighten up your text.

2. Flagship Slab Bold


I have been liking slab serif fonts a lot lately and this one is no exception. It has nice rounded corners for a relaxed look that is easy on the eyes. Tip: Choose the bold version when your text is small.

3.  SkolaSans Pro Medium Italic


I really like the personality in this font and how it looks italicized. The use of italics in a font can add a sense of movement, excitement and urgency with it’s diagonal lines.  Tip: This font comes in many different variations from regular, medium, light, bold and black. Pick the one that best fits your community.

4. Casper Bold


Everyone needs a winning sans serif font in their arsenal and this is one is fresh. It contains some nice design elements without being over the top. Tip: It comes in a regular weight if you find the bold to heavy for your text.

5. Aleo Bold


I loves this clean, bold serif font. It is very heavy and will look great over a lot of different backgrounds from modern to traditional.

What fresh fonts have you been using lately?

Do you like the worship backgrounds in the examples? They are all from the June 2014 CMG Pack