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We’re Better Together – Join The CMG Community Facebook Group

We’re Better Together – Join The CMG Community Facebook Group

Community is such an important thing to us at CMG. Some of our best ideas and designs have come from times of collaboration. Great things happen when people come together!

We understand that not every church has a full team of people serving in media. In fact, we’ve discovered that most tech teams are made up of only one or two dedicated individuals.

We feel that no one should have to figure out church media alone.

Knowing how much value there is in a community, we started to dream of a place where church media techs could come together with others serving in this area of ministry. This spot would make it easy to share ideas and ask questions. More importantly, it would be an area where you could celebrate wins and learn from each other’s mistakes.

After brainstorming some of the best ways to connect people with a similar mission, we decided that a Facebook Group would be perfect. From there, we launched the CMG Community Group (formerly Visual Church Media), and it’s quickly grown to a thriving community of over 40,000 members!

This group is perfect for…

• Connecting with others in the church media space
• Asking questions and helping others improve their media
• Showing off the positive things happening in your church

If you’re looking for a great way to connect with others, join our group and say hi!

Join The CMG Community Group