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The History of Church Motion Graphics

By August 22nd, 2017Articles

Church Motion Graphics is a ministry-focused, design studio dedicated to creating eye-catching, background graphics and videos that are specifically designed to look great in worship environments. CMG content is perfect for displaying behind worship lyrics, announcement slides, or when shown alone.

Since 2010, Church Motion Graphics has worked with thousands of churches around the globe to utilize the power of visuals to inspire faith communities in ways like never before. With a passion to help churches look great, Jeff McIntosh, founder, started this company as a way to help ministries of all sizes have a great look to match their great message.

Over the course of its seven year history, this studio and electronic publishing service has created and sold over 5000 unique motion and still graphics that are in use in church services, conferences, and worship events in as many as 50 countries. It is one of the largest producers of religious media today.

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