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3 Foolproof Tips For Choosing The Perfect Font

By September 5th, 2017Articles
3 Foolproof Tips For Choosing The Perfect Font

Finding the perfect font can be hard work. It can take hours of trial and error to discover what works and what doesn’t. But, it doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Here are 3 tips for picking your next font that will make things easier:

1. Know Where To Go

Design pros agree that most free font sites are garbage. These sites can be found all over the web and contain a pile of outdated fonts or wacky styles that no one should EVER use. Instead, we recommend using a reputable site like Creative Market, Adobe TypeKit or Lost Type for quality fonts.

2. Try Before You Buy

Fonts are fickle. What might look awesome on a download page, can end up looking miserable in Photoshop. If it’s a free font, then feel free to give it a spin. If it’s a paid font, try this: take a screenshot of the font sample, position it on your design and knock out its background. This will help you decide if the font is worth buying or letting go.

3. Compare Your Creations

Mock up three or four designs with different fonts that could be potential winners. Display them together and take note of what’s working and what’s not. Also, it’s good practice to get a set of fresh-eyes to look over your ideas. A friend or coworker will be able to quickly catch what’s hidden in your blindspots from staring at the project all day.

No matter how you choose your fonts, it’s important that they present your message clearly and are aesthetically pleasing. Here is a complete list of all of the fonts we have used in our monthly CMG Packs.

Which is your favorite?