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Need help to train worship lyric projection volunteers?

By October 17th, 2016Articles
The Worship Media Handbook

Do you need to pass on all the fundamentals of worship lyric projection to your volunteers? Are you pressed for time, money and resources to help you effectively teach them all the big and small points of composing great looking slides, making sure all the text is perfect and running the presentation with excellence?

There is a new resource that will make your life a whole lot easier. It is an ebook called The Worship Media Handbook written by yours truly and is designed for anyone who is involved in the worship lyric projection process and is looking to improve the quality of their worship slides. Pass this handbook around to everyone on your media team and begin a new journey of higher production standards.

This 101 page PDF covers in detail all the best methods to compose, edit and present professionally crafted worship slides. After reading the handbook you will have a well-rounded knowledge of presentation design and be able to communicate your messages more clearly.

Learn more about The Worship Media Handbook by Jeff McIntosh and start making better worship presentations.