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EasyWorship Church Presentation Software Shortcut Keys

By April 21st, 2023Articles

Efficiently managing a worship service presentation is crucial for ensuring a smooth and immersive experience for the congregation. One of the best ways to enhance your workflow and save time during live events is by mastering the use of shortcut keys in EasyWorship. These keyboard shortcuts not only allow you to quickly navigate through slides and schedule items, but also enable you to make on-the-fly adjustments to your presentation without disrupting the flow of the service. By memorizing and incorporating these shortcuts into your routine, you can become more proficient in managing your worship presentations, reduce the likelihood of errors, and create a seamless worship environment that keeps your audience engaged and focused on the message.

 Default EasyWorship Shortcut Keys

  1. First Slide: Home – Navigate to the first slide in the presentation.
  2. Last Slide: End – Navigate to the last slide in the presentation.
  3. Next Slide: Down – Advance to the next slide.
  4. Previous Slide: Up – Go back to the previous slide.
  5. Next Schedule Item: Right – Move to the next item in the schedule.
  6. Previous Schedule Item: Left – Move to the previous item in the schedule.
  7. Go Live: Page-Down – Send the selected item to the live output.
  8. Clear: Control – C – Clear the live output and display a blank screen.
  9. Black: Control – B – Display a black screen on the live output.
  10. Logo: Control – L – Display the configured logo on the live output.
  11. Take You To Verse #: V – # – Enter – Jump to a specific verse number in a song.
  12. Take You To Chorus #: C – # – Enter – Jump to a specific chorus number in a song.
  13. Take You To Tag #: T – # – Enter – Jump to a specific tag number in a song.
  14. Take You To Bridge #: B – # – Enter – Jump to a specific bridge number in a song.
  15. Take You To Intro #: I – # – Enter – Jump to a specific intro number in a song.
  16. Take You To End #: E – # – Enter – Jump to a specific end number in a song.
  17. Take You To Slide #: # – Enter – Jump to a specific slide number in a presentation.
  18. Toggle Foldback Screen: Ctrl + Shift + F – Enable or disable the foldback screen.
  19. Toggle Background: Ctrl + Shift + B – Enable or disable the background for the current slide.
  20. Toggle Lower Third: Ctrl + Shift + L – Enable or disable the lower third for the current slide.
  21. Toggle Preview: Ctrl + Shift + P – Enable or disable the preview pane in EasyWorship.
  22. New Presentation: Ctrl + N – Create a new, blank presentation.
  23. Open Presentation: Ctrl + O – Open an existing presentation.
  24. Save Presentation: Ctrl + S – Save the current presentation.
  25. Undo: Ctrl + Z – Undo the last action.
  26. Redo: Ctrl + Y – Redo the last undone action.
  27. Cut: Ctrl + X – Cut the selected content and store it in the clipboard.
  28. Copy: Ctrl + C – Copy the selected content to the clipboard.
  29. Paste: Ctrl + V – Paste the content stored in the clipboard.
  30. Increase Font Size: Ctrl + ] – Increase the font size of the selected text.
  31. Decrease Font Size: Ctrl + [ – Decrease the font size of the selected text.
  32. Bold Text: Ctrl + B – Make the selected text bold.
  33. Italic Text: Ctrl + I – Make the selected text italic.
  34. Underline Text: Ctrl + U – Underline the selected text.

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