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CMG Profiles: Rob Noble

By October 6th, 2020Articles

Where do you serve?

It’s fun because I don’t serve at a single church alone so I get the amazing pleasure of experiencing many styles of worship and creativity. The churches I regularly serve with would be South Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Yukon, and Midwest City campuses,,,, and

What is your position there?

The role of what I do is different for many of the churches I serve with, but for the majority my position is either as the Tech Lead, content creator, or assist in Social Media. Designing and setting up the visual end of worship on ProPresenter is by far one of my favorite parts but the area that I have a niche for in is networking people and connecting them to the right tools to be creative in tech, worship, and other areas of the church.

What other areas of church media are you involved in?

Creative worship and social media consulting for both youth and main services. (Yes, there is a distinction in style and needs between the two.) I create worship transitions, setlist posts for social media, worship bumpers, church logo and staff name loops, video editing, almost anything I can do creative with motion.

How did you get involved in church media?

My wife Jana suggested that I volunteer in our kids area running ProPresenter and two light switches that dimmed the room and turned on a few strands of white lights on the ceiling. Then a slow progression began and I started helping tech in youth ministry, then main experiences on the weekend, and eventually becoming a tech director, content creator, and/or social media guy for six churches. Since then I have helped assist planting churches with creative needs and assisted existing churches in bridging the gap to become more creative in not only worship but in many areas of their church by either doing a one time consult or working step by step connecting them to the needed tools that fit their specific needs.

What does a typical setup look like for you?

An example of one church would be ProPresenter5 running on an iMac, Protools and Byron on two Mac Minis, Panasonic AG-HMX100 Digital Switcher, two Kipro HDV recorders (for backups,) 2-4 (depending on the campus) Panasonic HD projectors including environmental setups, 8-12 tv’s for lobby displays, many different lighting components that are too many to name, and a ton of dropbox folders.

What is something new your team has implemented that has helped your production?

Streamlining photography to social media and ProPresenter use during church services has been one of the largest hurdles we have conquered. We narrowed it down to an easy step by step system that allows many photographers to capture images through out the church (and even multiple campuses) from the lobby, to worship, and even the service and funnel them into a convenient system. This same system allows us to get photos not only at the church but while away at retreats and conferences allowing the team to be spread apart in different areas and their amazing work is still connected to each other in the same spot.

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with the CMG community?

If you are always having to be there non-stop then others will never get the chance to learn, fix a disaster on their own, and become leaders themselves (and you will never have time off to relax and refresh either.)

How has the CMG Monthly Mega Pack impacted your ministry?

The CMG Packs have greatly assisted me in standing out visually in my creative worship style. I have also learned two main things with the CMG Packs; 1) It’s not just for one style of church, the variety in the motions allow you to use it in highly creative churches all the way to more traditional churches and everyone in between. 2) The price allows you to have other outlets to pull from for visuals and creative content without absorbing your whole church or personal budget.

How can people find you online?

I’m on Instagram TheRobNoble and Twitter @TheRobNoble.