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8 Ideas to Make Your Easter Church Service Special

By March 1st, 2019Articles
8 Ideas to Make Easter Service Special at Your Church

Year after year, churches see unusually high attendance on one Sunday more than the rest. Easter is a day of utmost importance in the Christian faith, and the unusually high attendance gives an added pressure to make the service unforgettable.

Here are 8 ideas to make the Easter service at your church special this year:

1. Provide a Photo Booth

Both members and non-members alike will be arriving in their coordinated spring pastels and looking for a photo opp. Help them capture a family snapshot that they will treasure for years to come with a simple photo booth. Be sure to include the church name somewhere on the photo booth for effortless advertisement. Provide a hashtag off-camera to encourage families to share their Easter best on social media.

2. Decorate the Lobby

Easter is the perfect excuse to switch things up. Revive the look in your church’s lobby by adding in a few new items or Easter-specific decorations. Whether using signage or decor, brighten up the space with some fresh spring colors.

3. Update Your Worship Visuals

Set apart this sacred day by refreshing your worship visuals. Building a new look will inspire a significant mood shift in the worship set. Our new April 2019 CMG Pack features beautiful visuals to capture the essence of Easter.

4. Host a Fun Activity for Kids

Provide your church members with an easy opportunity to invite unchurched friends by hosting a kids event before or after the service. A simple egg hunt will draw crowds, as it is a familiar Easter tradition.

5. Debut a New Worship Song

A significant event in Christianity, Easter is a day to set apart with meaningful moments. Introduce a new or particularly moving song to capture the attention of the congregation. The surprise of a new song ensures that its meaning will not be lost due to familiarity.

6. Offer Snacks in the Lobby

Considering you will host far more visitors than normal, include a time before or after the service for church members to get to know newcomers. Nothing builds community like food, and offering snacks may be the ticket to gain a second visit!

7. Illustrate Your Sermon with a Creative Graphic

Cater to the visual learners in your congregation with a CMG Template that will perfectly demonstrate your point. These professionally designed templates allow you to drive home your points in a new and unique way.

8. Release New Church Swag

Everyone loves a good t-shirt, coffee mug, or vinyl sticker. Design merchandise around your church’s Easter theme to remind visitors of the message. Whether you sell them or give them away, swag is the marketing tool that keeps on giving. Our Church Shirt Kit makes it easy to get a great look.

We’re Here to Help You This Easter

We know that Easter is an important time for your ministry, so Church Motion Graphics is committed to helping you make your big day special. We have a large collection of resources, many that are FREE, that will make it easy for your church to look awesome as you reach your community.

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