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5 Easy Ways to Add Excitement to Your Sermons

5 Easy Ways to Add Excitement to Your Sermons

The word of God is powerful and life-changing, but if we’re honest, sometimes our presentation could use a little help. Push yourself creatively by incorporating an element listed below to help you communicate your sermons well. These ideas will grab the attention of your audience so that they walk away with the important message of the Gospel seared in their memory.

1. Tell Stories

Use stories to illustrate your message in a memorable way. You can tell stories from your personal experiences, pop culture, or books you’ve read. Be diligent to choose stories that will resonate with your audience. Choosing something obscure or a reference with a context that is difficult to explain may end up causing more confusion than clarity. Additionally, be careful to use personal experiences sparingly, as doing so too often can come across as insincere.

2. Show Photos & Videos

This takes the pitch for using stories a step further – just show the story! For visual learners, this may be the very thing that seals that excellent lesson in their mind forever. If you’re telling a story about a famous person from history, put a photo or video of them on the screen. If a scene from a movie perfectly illustrates your point, show the clip and save yourself a few minutes of explanation.

3. Use Props & Illustrations

Teaching on fighting spiritual battles? Brings a pair of boxing gloves to demonstrate. Telling a story about winning an award? Have a large trophy on a table. Bringing a physical item to the stage will shake things up and guarantee that your audience will pay close to attention – especially if the item is already on the stage when the message begins. Their curiosity will pique and you will have them on the edge of their seats.

4. Invite Another Person to the Stage

Sharing the platform during a time dedicated to teaching is so unexpected that your audience will be more than intrigued. Be sure to check with the person first, whether you will have them speak or demonstrate something, to make sure they are comfortable with helping in this way. Perhaps there is a person in your congregation who has had a meaningful experience or testimony that perfectly depicts the point you want to communicate. You can have them share for a few minutes, or lead the conversation in an interview format. Even bringing someone to the stage to introduce them to the audience while you tell a short story about them can make an impact. Your people are your greatest resource, so if you have the opportunity to brag on something that God has done in their life, take advantage of it.

5. Use A Creative Sermon Title & Graphic

Sometimes all you need to make a memorable impression is a catchy title graphic. In your social media content leading up to Sunday, release an attention-grabbing graphic to capture the spirit of the message and use similarly themed slides throughout the service. At Church Motion Graphics, we have made this one easy. Our CMG Template library is filled with hundreds of creative sermon graphics covering a range of topics that are ready to use with your messages. Every template even comes with an editable Photoshop file that can be customized for your specific sermon.

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