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3 Effective Scripture Slide Designs

By September 28th, 2022Articles
3 Effective Scripture Slide Designs

Sharing passages from the Bible is one of the most important things churches do in their services, but it can be difficult to know how to properly show these Scriptures on our screens. After looking at some of the best slides, we have chosen these three designs as the best models based off of layout and overall functionality.

1. Center Aligned With Boxed Reference

Center Aligned With Boxed ReferenceFrom Jesus Savior of the World Template (Font: Gotham)

2. Left Aligned With Simple Reference

Left Aligned With Simple Reference
From James Faith In Motion Template (Font: Century Gothic)

3. Centered Caps With Large Reference

Centered Caps With Large Reference
From Jonah Template (Fonts: Gotham, Surveyor Display)

Important Tips To Keep In Mind:

• The purpose of displaying these passages on your screens is so that people can follow along. Don’t let your design preferences compromise their readability.

• Display passages immediately before they will be read by the speaker. If only one passage will read at a time, only display one on a slide. If they will read 2-3, try to include each of these on the slide if space permits.

• Including the specific translation that the speaker is reading from can be helpful for those taking notes and to give clarity to those unfamiliar with various versions.

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