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10 Church Brand Identity Guideline Samples

By January 17th, 2022Articles

Your brand is what others think on you. Part of what influences how others see you are determined by the components and consistency of your visual identity.

To organize your visual brand identity it’s best to build a brand identity guidelines for your church. This document clearly describes and showcases how your logo, visual elements, colors, type, and other design styles should and shouldn’t be used for print, screen and other forms of media.

Here are ten church brand identity guidelines for you to learn and find inspiration from:

  1. New Spring Church
  2. Life.Church
  3. Village Seven Presbyterian Church
  4. Calvary Baptist Church
  5. Trinity Baptist Church
  6. The Christian and Missionary Alliance
  7. Christ’s Community Church
  8. Faith Bible Church
  9. First Methodist Carrollton
  10. Hendersonville Church of Christ

Bonus Church Brand Guideline List

  1. North Trenholm Baptist Church
  2. Pathway Church
  3. The Riverside Church
  4. West Shore Free Church
  5. Church of God
  6. The Wesleyan Church
  7. Rise City Church
  8. Hope Community Church
  9. Church of God
  10. Grace Church
  11. Saddleback Church

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