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2 Creative Ideas For Showing Quotes In Your Sermon Presentation

By August 8th, 2017Articles
2 Creative Ideas For Showing Quotes In Your Sermon Presentation

Sharing quotes from authors, theologians, or other prominent leaders can be a great way for pastors and speakers to emphasize a point. Instead of simply reading a quote, display it on your sermon slides to help your audience follow along easier.

Each quote slide in your presentations should include as much of the chosen text that will fit legibly, along with the name of the author of the statement.

Sermon Quote

To take these quote slides to the next level, try these ideas:

1. Use A Photo of the Quote Author

When possible, showing a photo of the author of your quote can help your audience to identify with the message they’re communicating.

Quote With Auther

2. Use A Photo That Relates To The Quote

Including a photo that relates to the quote can help add emphasis to the statement.

Quote With Photo

No matter how you choose to design your quote slides in your sermon presentation, what’s important is that you show them. They can make a big difference for your audience members that are taking notes.

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