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10 Must-Have Tech Gifts Under $20

By July 14th, 2023Articles
10 Must-Have Tech Gifts For Under $25

Have a techie on your shopping list? Not sure where to start when buying their present? We’re here to help. This list is full of gifts that are sure to bring a smile to their face and won’t break the bank, either.

1. PopSockets Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones


Price: $9.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: It’s hard to hold up your phone with one hand to take a selfie. With this nifty little add-on, you can easily hold your phone with one hand or prop it up on its own for a freestanding shot.

2. MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths


Price: $8.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: These extremely soft, microfiber cloths make it easy to remove dust, fingerprints and dirt from your devices, lenses and screens.

3. Plasma Ball Lamp Light

Plasma Ball

Price: $9.95  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: Bring back the 90’s vibe to your workspace with this miniature lamp. Plus, it’s USB powered, which all techies love.

4. Godox LED Video Light

LED Video Light

Price: $16.90  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: Take your selfies, video chats and vlogs to the next level! This easy, clip-on light makes it easy to get great shots from your phone.

5. Maglite LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

Price: $17.89  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: Maglite is the Cadillac of flashlights, so this LED beam is sure to light up your world. This handy light is great to have around when working on tech projects all year long.

6. Sling Bag Crossbody Backpack

Sling Bag

Price: $14.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: This unique bag style is perfect for carrying your tech gear with you. It even features a USB port on the side that can work with a portable battery to charge your devices on the go.

7. Cocoon Grid-It

Grid It

Price: $13.20  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: Techies have lots of small gadgets and accessories in their bags. This handy holder keeps items of various sizes in place while on the go.

8. Apple Watch Charging Station

Charge Station

Price: $16.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: This stand gives a home to your devices while charging, plus comes with three USB outlets built in for convenience.

9. Huanuo Riser For Monitors & Laptops

Monitor Stand

Price: $16.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: Give your monitor or laptop a boost with this desk riser that is made of powder-coated steel with perforated vents to keep your devices from overheating.

10. Avantree Lightning Cable Keychain


Price: $14.99  |  Get It Here

Why It’s Awesome: Never go without a charge with this convenient keychain that allows you to take a lightning cable with you wherever you go.