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99 Easy-To-Use Slide Templates For Creative Worship Lyrics, Sermon Notes, and Live Streaming

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Creating Slides For Your Church Can Be Difficult

We’ve Made It Easy For You To Look Great

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99 Unique Slides Included

Choose the perfect style for your church's needs.

Useful For Your Entire Service

Lyric, teaching, & streaming slides are included.

Compatible With Latest Software

Use these themes on ProPresenter 7 on Mac or PC.

Everything You Need Is Included

All necessary fonts and elements are included.

Even when using powerful presentation software like ProPresenter, it’s easy for a church’s slides to look amateur and uninteresting. To make it easy for everyone to achieve a great look, we created these ProPresenter Themes that contain a total of 99 templates for worship, sermon, and streaming slides. It’s the easiest way to transform your ProPresenter content, and it’s 100% FREE!

Bring Excitement To Your Church’s Screens

Get Pro Content In Just A Few Clicks

24 Classic Worship Slide Looks

27 Creative Worship Slide Looks

24 Teaching Slide Looks

24 Streaming Slide Looks

How To Add A ProPresenter 7 Theme

Follow These Instructions For Quick Installation & Use

How To Install ProPresenter 7 Themes

  1. Installing an outside ProPresenter Theme to your software is easy. To get started, first identify if there are any external resources, such as fonts, that will need to be installed before moving ahead to the actual Theme.
  2. Once other resources like fonts are installed, you’re ready for your Theme. Simply locate the Theme file on your system. (It will have a .proTheme file extension.)
  3. Double-click the .proTheme file. Immediately, ProPresenter will open, and you will briefly see a progress bar pop up while they are being added to your collection.
  4. Once completed, navigate to the toolbar in the top left corner to find the Theme button. Click this button to verify that the new Themes have been successfully added to the list.

How To Apply ProPresenter 7 Themes

  1. To quickly change the appearance of a presentation, open it from the Library, then click on the Theme dropdown menu in the toolbar.
  2. Select the Theme you’d like to use from this list. When you mouse over any of the Themes, you will be shown what the Theme Slides look like that you can choose from.
  3. Click on the Theme Slide you want to use from this list. Doing so will update all of the slides in your presentation. (You can also select multiple presentations and use this method to change several presentations at once.)
  4. Alternatively, right-clicking on an individual slide and opening the Theme menu offers another option for applying a theme.

Want To Supercharge These Looks?

The first step to getting your ProPresenter slides looking great is to use Themes like this. But, these text and shapes can only go so far by themselves. To really get the great looks that you’re after, you’ll want to add creative Motion Backgrounds from Church Motion Graphics. With thousands of video backgrounds that were designed specifically to look great in worship services, there is no end to the stunning looks you can create.

Additional Church Motion Graphics Images

What Is A ProPresenter Theme?

Themes are a tool that allow you to quickly define a set of styles for your slides in a ProPresenter presentation. A Theme is made up of multiple template slides that can be applied to your slides. They exist to help us quickly apply a style and formatting to slides. They are particularly useful when establishing a standard look for your screens, or when creating a special look for a series or event. Themes are helpful anytime that you desire to use a certain style across multiple slides and presentations.

What Are The Benefits Of ProPresenter Themes?

If you’re a brand new user to ProPresenter 7, this may be your first introduction to Themes. Even if you have used ProPresenter in the past, you may still have some questions, since they are a relatively new feature. Themes are worthwhile to learn about and explore, because they help you work both easier and smarter. They can transform the look of your slides in just a few clicks. If you had to make these changes manually, it could take hours to complete.

What’s The Difference Between A Theme and Template?

When we look ProPresenter Themes, we quickly see that a Theme is really just a collection, or folder, of various Templates that can be used for your slides. Each Theme can included numerous templates for slides that range in their looks and intended subject matter. In most cases, a ProPresenter Theme will have a specific subject or style that is shared for each Template within. For example, you might find a “Colorful Shapes” Theme where all of its templates include shapes that are filled with colors. Alternatively, you might have a “Streaming” Theme where there are a range of Template styles inside, but they are all intended to be used for the shared purpose of video streaming.

99 Free ProPresenter Templates

These four ProPresenter Themes include a total of 99 slide templates for worship, streaming, and teaching. Your church’s screens are going to look better than ever! Download now for your tech and media ministry.

Terms Of Use: All themes, fonts, slides, and templates downloaded from The Product, (“CMG ProPresenter Themes”) are for non-profit use only. Themes and other items that are included from The Product cannot be sold or redistributed by any means, including after alterations. The Product cannot be used in any product that results in a re-distribution of the Product or portions of the content.