The Essential Media Checklist For Your Christmas Services

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CMG Chrismas

Ready to bring the wow factor to your Christmas services? At Church Motion Graphics, we’ve made it easy to utilize the power of visuals to inspire your community in ways like never before. We have products that can bring creativity to every moment of your time worshipping together.

Here’s a simple guide to how you can bring these elements together:

1. Social Media Posts

Social Media PostsWe have put together a professional social media campaign that your church can use all December long. This FREE download includes 30 visual posts that will bring life to your social pages and help spread the word about your church in the community. Plus, it matches our December 2017 CMG Pack perfectly!

Download the Free Christmas Social Media Kit

2. Welcome Slide

Welcome Slide

Fill your screens with a welcoming graphic as your guests arrive. Each of our CMG Packs come with a Welcome Slide motion, including this one that’s available in the December pack.

Download the December 2017 CMG Pack

3. Announcement Slides

Announcement SlideAnnouncement SlideAnnouncement Slide

Make it easy for your audience to know what’s happening in your church by using announcement slides. Our CMG Template library is filled with many announcements like this one that you can customize to fit your event perfectly.

Browse All CMG Templates

4. Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer

Countdown timers make it easy to let your congregation know that it’s time to find a seat as your service begins. A matching countdown video is included in each month’s CMG Pack like this one that’s from the December pack.

Download the December 2017 CMG Pack

5. Christmas Video Bumper

Video bumpers are a great way to capture the attention of your audience. This short video was created specifically for the 2017 holiday and is included with our December CMG Pack. It’s an easy way to add a special creative detail to your services.

Get it with the December 2017 CMG Pack

6. Worship Backgrounds

Worship BackgroundWorship BackgroundWorship Background

Motion backgrounds are the perfect way to create a dynamic visual experience during your church’s worship songs. They bring creativity to an otherwise boring aspect of your service – text lyrics. Each of these motions can be found in the December pack.

Download the December 2017 CMG Pack

7. Custom-Built Titles

Custom-Built TitlesCustom-Built TitlesMake it easy for your audience to know what’s happening in each moment of your service with custom titles. Our new Title Builder tool allows you to easily create custom stills and motion title slides to fit your ministry’s needs.

Learn How To use Title Builder So You Can Create Your Own Still Titles

8. Sermon Graphics

Sermon GraphicsSermon GraphicsUsing a creative visual with your preaching and teaching can create a lasting impression. Our CMG Template library is filled with hundreds of customizable sermon graphics that make it easy to grab the attention of your congregation during your messages.

Browse All CMG Christmas Templates

9. Exit Slide

Exit SlideFill your screens with a friendly graphic saying goodbye as your guests leave. This moving exit background is also included in the December pack.

Download the December 2017 CMG Pack

Want These Looks For Christmas?

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Photo by The Fields Church in Mattoon, IL.

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