Motion Graphics Monday: What seeds will you sow?

By April 15, 2013 October 17th, 2016 No Comments

Our friends at Elevation Church love using motion graphics and visual media to tell a story. For their “Ghost Stories” series they were teaching about the fruit of the spirit and asked if you were planting seeds of fear or faith? Geoff Schultz, the director and designer for the animation, purposefully used a weed to symbolize fear and the image of a large healthy tree to symbolize faith. The design style could be described as a digital collage with squalry-shaped content, magazine cutout text, hand drawings and a mixture of paper textures. The animation style has a very friendly feel with a lot of nicely timed reveals, transitions and positional movement that brings elements onto the screen. Great job Geoff on another beautifully crafted piece and we look forward to highlighting more of your work in the future.

Motion Graphics Monday is a weekly blog post where we highlight noteworthy motion graphics from the church and non-profit community. Please contact us if you have something you think we should share.

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