Motion Graphics Monday: HFC Budget 2013

By April 29, 2013 October 1st, 2019 3 Comments

Identity Visuals is an up and coming video production house in Nashville, TN with big ambitions and the talent to see if to fruition. These boys are producing some fantastic motion graphics for the church and this piece is no exception. Through the use of engaging motion graphics, finely crafted images and friendly animation movement, Identity Visuals took something very mundane like the church financials of Hershey Free Church and made it into something vibrant and inspiring. I love the dark grey background and how the brightly colored elements pop on and off the screen. Great job Identity Visuals and keep serving the church through your creative ministry.

Motion Graphics Monday is a weekly blog post where we highlight noteworthy motion graphics from the church and non-profit community. Please contact us if you have something you think we should share.


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