Motion Graphics Monday: CityChurch vision video

By April 22, 2013 October 1st, 2019 No Comments

Michael Jones is a talented motion graphic designer who loves creating beautiful work for the church. One of his latest pieces was commised by CityChurch in Tulsa. It is a 1:45 vision video that describes the heart of the church using motion graphics. Michael has skillfully used elegant typography, engaging transitions and effective graphics to make an easy to understand and shareable piece of media for the church. I also love how he only used the colors orange, grey and white to amplify the CityChurch brand throughout the piece. Stellar job Michael and we look forward to posting more from you in the future.

Motion Graphics Monday is a weekly blog post where we highlight noteworthy motion graphics from the church and non-profit community. Please contact us if you have something you think we should share.

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