MediaShout Shortcut Keys

By April 5, 2013 October 17th, 2016 One Comment

Here is a list of shortcut keys for MediaShout. These shortcuts will help you use MediaShout more efficiently when time is critical.

 Default MediaShout Shortcut Keys

  • Help: F1
  • Fire Ted Cue: F2
  • Fire Logo Button: F5
  • Fire Black Button: F6
  • Fire Bars Button: F7
  • Stop All: F8
  • Fire Previous Script Cue: F9
  • Fire Next Script Cue: F10
  • Fire Selected Script Cue: F11
  • Fire Selected Boxer Cue: F12

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One Comment

  • Heather Strom says:

    These are out of date. They had to quit using F10.
    F9 – Advance
    F8 – Stop All
    F7 – Backward
    F6 – Quick Cue 3
    F5 – Quick Cue 2
    F4 – Quick Cue 1

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