How To Use Shapes To Create 3 Great Looks In ProPresenter

By November 2, 2016 July 5th, 2019 6 Comments

is a powerful presentation software platform created specifically for use in churches. It’s used primarily for displaying song lyrics, Bible verses, and videos. While this program is simple to use, it is loaded with features that sometimes get overlooked by most users.

Few ProPresenter users know that there are shape tools built right in to the Editor that you can use on your slides. Though these tools are limited, you can get really creative with the options provided.

We were able to create three great looks for our lyrics slides using only the tools provided in the software. No outside software, apps, or images were needed to for this. Since they came out so well, we wanted to make a tutorial video that shows how you can create them for your church, as well.

Slide backgrounds: November 2016 CMG Pack.

How To Use Shapes To Create 3 Great Looks In ProPresenter

How To Use Shapes To Create 3 Great Looks In ProPresenter

How To Use Shapes To Create 3 Great Looks In ProPresenter

What Do You Think?

How do you like these looks? Were they easy to make using the tutorial?
Leave a comment below and let us know!

Like these motion backgrounds? You can get them here in the November 2016 CMG Pack.


  • jillienminera says:

    great video! We use pp5, which doesn’t have an opacity option. Any idea how to acheive the look otherwise? Is there a workaround?

  • I’m so glad you asked this. In ProPresenter 5, the opacity controls can be found when you click the “Fill Color” box.

  • saps says:

    Hey Kendall, the tutorial was amazing. Simple things make the slides look so amazing. Thank you for what you do.
    I am curious to know on how to fix the words when they get funky on some verses rather than others when a template is applied. I struggle with template application when the words get all funky.
    Is fixing them per slide / per verse for a particular song the only way to fix it?

    thanks Sapna

  • Hey Sapna – When this happens in my templates, I normally just adjust them individually in each song. Hope that helps!

  • Weslie Villejo says:

    Thank you so much for these tutorials. Very clutch! :)

  • Stephanie Rowan says:

    Is there a way to make the box a gradient if we were using it as a lower third over a video?

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