Christmas 2016 Design Inspiration

By September 9, 2016 July 8th, 2019 2 Comments
Christmas 2016 Design Inspiration

Let’s talk Christmas 2016 design trends!

Our team has done hours of research looking at this year’s seasonal design trends and have compiled our top four picks. We hope this helps jumpstart your Christmas design planning and makes finding this year’s style a whole lot easier.

Check out each of these four themes and let us know your ideas, comments and questions. We will read them all and take them into consideration as we build the Christmas 2016 CMG Pack.

Geometric Gold Christmas

Geometric Gold

These geometric gold styles are extremely popular this season. A darker color palette compliments light colored woods and matte textures. Look for gold accents and lines, as well as abstract shapes.

Nature Chic Christmas

Nature Chic

These nature chic styles are extremely popular this season. A friendly, winter color palette compliments greenery and natural burlap. Look for abstract patterns and shapes, as well as various shades of woods and whites.

Playful Christmas

Playful Christmas

These playful styles are extremely popular this season. A bright color palette compliments light environments and white Christmas trees. Look for multicolored items and glitter, as well as other fun elements.

Royal Christmas

Royal Christmas

These royal styles are extremely popular this season. A dark, traditional color palette compliments warm environments and amber-colored lighting. Look for rich, velvety colors and textures.


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