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March 2015 CMG Mega Pack

  • 10 moving backgrounds
  • 4 announcement motions
  • 1 countdown timer
  • 3 Easter motions
  • Still backgrounds
  • HD, SD and Tripe-wide formats
  • Valued at over $200

What to expect when subscribing to the CMG Monthly Mega Pack

On the first day of every month open your inbox and download a massive pack full of moving backgrounds, announcement motions and a matching five-minute countdown timer. Use these high-quality screen visuals to enhance your worship services, creatively community information and breath life into your worship lyric slides.

With over four years of experience creating the very best moving backgrounds for worship, you are guaranteed to get stunning church media that is easy to import into your favorite worship lyric projection software.

Experience Creating High-quality Worship Moving Backgrounds
Received For Being The #1 Moving Background Producer
April 2015 CMG Mega Pack

April 2015 CMG Mega Pack

March 2015 CMG Mega Packa

March 2015 CMG Mega Pack

February 2015 CMG Mega Pack

February 2015 CMG Mega Pack

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January 2015 CMG Mega Pack


Christmas 2014 CMG Mega Pack

November 2014 CMG Mega Pack

November 2014 CMG Mega Pack

Look what makes our subscription awesome

New packs on the 1st of the Month

Find a new CMG Mega Pack of moving backgrounds in your inbox on the first of every month. This keeps your media library full and your screen visuals fresh.

HD and SD Resolutions

Future proof your media ministry be having access to these three video resolutions: SD, 720 HD and 1080 HD.

Triple-wide Multi-screen

Get access to your moving backgrounds in triple-wide 1920×480 resolution for multi-screen projection systems.

Universal Compatibility

Every CMG Mega Pack is guaranteed to work with all major presentations programs like ProPresenter, MediaShout, EasyWorship, Proclaim and many more.

Still Background Graphics

Get access to all the moving backgrounds and announcement motions in still frame JPEG images in both HD and SD.

Award Winning Designer

Church Motion Graphics is the winner of the 2014 & 2015 TWM March Media Madness and the Worship House Media Moving Background of the Year in 2014 & 2012.

Mac and PC Compatable

Get access to both QuickTime MOV for the Mac and Windows Media Video WMV for the PC.

Spanish Translations

Get access to your announcement motions in Spanish.

Optional Multi-site Licenses

Special licenses available to use your moving backgrounds in more than one location at a time. See prices

Site Unlimited

Use your CMG media on an unlimited number of computers across one church location. Perfect for simultaneous events in one building.

Early Access

Get special early access to new products like CMG Pro Layers (Beta) and other unreleased CMG products before they become available to the public.

Exclusive Promo Codes

Save 20% off selected CMG products like The Worship Media Handbook and CMG Pro Tools.

Cancel Anytime

Stay subscribed as long as you want and cancel anytime without incurring a fee. We don’t want you paying for a subscription you aren’t using.

24/7 Access to your CMG Mega Packs

As long as you keep an active subscription and don’t let it expire for more than thirty days you will always have access to your moving backgrounds.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your subscription within 30 days of your purchase, we will refund you your money.

What is the difference between your 3 subscription types?

Standard Monthly

Get one CMG Mega Pack every month. The minimum term is three months and if you pay using PayPal you will be billed $10 a month for every additional month until you cancel.

Standard Yearly

Get one CMG Mega Pack every month for twelve months. This saves you $21 a year when compared to the Standard Monthly. If you subscribe using PayPal you will be billed $99 for each additional year until you cancel.

Premium Yearly

This is our most popular subscription. It is exactly the same as our Standard Yearly subscription, but you get access to all 30+ past CMG Mega Packs valued $3000. This will explode your media library and give you a stream of new media over the next twelve months.

CMG Monthly Mega Pack Bundles

Join the thousands of churches who use CMG every week

Standard Monthly

$ 10

Per Month
  • Download the March 2015 CMG Mega Pack
  • Download 1 new Pack every month
  • Minimum 3 month term
  • Cancel anytime
Subscribe with PayPal

Standard Yearly

$ 99

Per Year
  • Download the March 2015 CMG Mega Pack
  • Download 12 future Packs over the year
  • Save $21 when compared to the Standard Monthly
Subscribe with PayPal

Premium YearlyBest Seller

$ 298

First Year and $99 Per Year After Subscribe with PayPal

"If you’re involved in worship media at your church you really need to check out Church Motion Graphics. Great prices and diverse content every month."

− Brian Worster | Church of the Highlands

"Our church has in years past relied on still photos submitted by the congregation, or whatever images we found online through a search engine. The steady supply of ethical and attractive images over the past year has been a blessing to our media volunteers. Thanks, CMG, for the creative work you do, and the easy-to-use site!"

− Alison | GP Church of Christ

"I love that we receive a few new worship backgrounds every month. It definitely helps to keep things fresh during our worship services. The savings alone in getting the CMG Monthly Pack versus purchasing each background individually is worth it. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth even if you don’t use all the free elements in the pack each month."

− Clara Fama | Living Hope Church

"We are a small church plant and have very limited resources, so when we saw that the Monthly Mega Pack was going to make us look good, give us variety and pull things together for a very reasonable price we jumped on board. No regrets. Great content. Great help. Great price. Always excited for new mega pack day. Now if we could just get a couple more video projectors in the same way we’d be laughing."

− Graham Clinton | In2One Community Church

"The CMG Monthly Mega Pack is one of the best value investments we make as a media department at Connexus Church. It provides fresh and visually excellent presentation graphics to our inbox every month, giving our media team more bandwidth to focus their energy in other areas. With the CMG Mega Pack, we never have to worry about our worship presentation media being anything less than excellent."

− Justin Piercy | Connexus Church

"I love that we have new media to use in our services each month. It keeps things looking fresh and they give you just the right amount of new stuff to use. The only thing I don’t like is it makes my job look to easy!"

− Matt Brownlow | Bethany Community Church

"You guys have the most current and creative motion loops for an excellent price. Your packages have helped bring a fresh and exciting element to our worship at church. Thank you! Love it!"

− Dayna Elizabeth Lunstrum

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