2017 Church Media Conferences

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2017 Church Media Conferences

Are you looking to attend a church media conference in 2017? Here is a list of great conferences that you and your team might want to check out. Conferences are a great way to get inspired, learn new things and connect with others in church media community.


Circles Conference

• Grapevine, TX
• September 6-8, 2017
• Facebook
• Streaming passes available

“As creators, we never want to cap out. We want to constantly push the limits of our creativity. We strive to create an environment where we can experience the thrill of pushing through creative boundaries, not only for ourselves, but also for all creatives. Our mission is to empower creatives to be their best creative selfs though building experiences that will enhance their lives + creativity.”


FILO Conference

• Naperville, IL
• May 23-24, 2017
• Facebook

“The FILO Conference aims to provide inspiring tools for everyone involved in the church technical arts looking for design, development and business insights. Whether you are a volunteer or a staff person, an audio engineer or a graphics operator, set builder or jack of all trades, there is something unique here for you and the role you play in your local church. FILO stands for First In Last Out. If you are a technical artist in the local church, you know what it feels like to be there to unlock the doors of the church before anyone gets there. Long after the event is “done” you and your teams are still there getting things ready for the next event. Many times you are the first one in and the last one to leave. This idea describes what most technical artists feel like.”


Flow Creative Arts Conference

• Online Stream
• April 27, 2017

“Why do you create? Seriously, pause here and consider why you create. Because you have to? Because you want to? Because you’re paid to? Because you were made to? In the work you do as a church creative, it’s easy to lose the wonder of how a creative God creates creative people to create. And while there are hundreds of good and valid reasons to create, we sometimes lose touch with the sole reason—maybe even the soul reason—we were made to create. And when you lose sight of that deeper reason, you lose flow. You miss out on an unending supply of creativity. Even worse, you miss out on using your particular gifts for the specific reason God gave them to you. If you’ve forgotten what it means to create with intention … If you create more for a paycheck than a purpose … If you’ve lost your flow … This is the conference for you. The Flow Creative Arts Conference will help you rediscover, reconnect, and recalibrate your creative life to its Source.”


Inside Elevation

• Charlotte, NC
• March 20-21, 2017

“Inside Elevation is designed to provide a look inside the work God is doing in and through Elevation Church. We are not experts. We don’t have all the answers. We can’t tell you exactly how or why it’s worked. But what we can do is provide an intimate and personal look at how God is actively building this ministry – spiritually and practically. Inside Elevation is designed to provide a look inside the work God is doing in and through Elevation Church. The event will include multiple main sessions with Pastor Steven Furtick, worship led by Elevation Worship, and a variety of breakouts hosted by Elevation Church staff.”


SALT: The Creative Arts Conference

• Multiple Locations
• Multiple Dates
• Facebook

“SALT is more than a conference. It’s a movement of people desperate to rebuild the creative walls of the church, not for the sake of marketing, but the sake of engaging people with the contagious Gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Seeds Conference

• Tulsa, Oklahoma
• July 18-20, 2017
• Twitter

“After taking a year off, Seeds Conference is back for 2017! Make plans to join us at Church on the Move in Tulsa July 18-20, 2017. Our mission is the same as it’s always been: Seeds exists to challenge and inspire the Church by sharing the ideas and lessons we’ve learned. We are so excited to gather once again to connect, share ideas and grow together!”


WFX Conference & Expo

• Dallas, Texas
• October 11-12, 2017
• Facebook

“WFX emboldens churches of all sizes and traditions to think creatively about how they can unleash the power of their staff, buildings and technology, releasing needed change agents that can make a difference. Education and training on current trending tools and technologies, and exposure to innovative and creative solutions at our expo solutions center, makes WFX a unique experience for church teams.”


Worship Leader Conference

• Multiple Locations (Virginia and Kansas)
• Multiple Dates (May and June)
• Facebook

“The Worship Leader Conferences operate under the conviction that God is at work renewing the global Church through worship, and at the heart of this renewal is God’s people turning to him in prayer. God’s greatest prayer agent is music. When we sing, we do so with one voice, and we join the prayer of Jesus Christ who offers our prayers to the Father on our behalf. Each of the Worship Leader Conference sessions, conversation topics, classes, and times of prayer and worship are designed with this in mind – delving into the musical prayer language of the church and gaining insight and practices that will help us make sure our churches are houses of prayer.”

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